Research Plan

A ‘Research Plan’ is the first major assignment for many courses (see Chapter 9). Here, we provide the materials that may help with such an assignment, as well as several outstanding examples from student writers.

Please note that all the student examples are likely to have some minor writing issues. After-all, this is just the first assignment, and the primary objective is only to start discussing ideas and thoughts.

Examples of Outstanding Student Papers

“The benefits of Lab-Grown Meat” by Mahra Almarzooqi (Major:)

“The Benefits of Investing in Real Estate” by Rami Baddour (Major:)

“The Flawed Nature of the Code of Points System” by Janainah Anam (Major: International Studies)

“The Implementation of AI in Hospitals” by Lamya Alsuwaidi (Major: Computer Engineering)

“The Drawbacks of Fast Fashion” by Lynn Hanna Aouad (Major:)

“The Biological Basis of Psychopathy” by Rahaf Amasaib (Major: Industrial Engineering)

“The Importance of Animal Welfare” by Yara Islam Elkousy (Major:)

“Prisons Should be Designed as a Form of Punishment” by Yara Soliman (Major: Architecture)

“Organ Trade Should be Legalized” by Zain Basil Mushtaha (Major: Management Information Systems)

“TheRelevance of Bahaus Ideals” by Zainab Oghai Gawhari (Major: Architecture)

“Repatriation of Historical Artifacts” by Maya Haj Hussain (Major: Computer Engineering)

“Should Unhappy Couples Stay Together “For Their Children”?” by Maryam Al Khayatt (Major: Psychology)

“The Banning of Palm Oil” by Omar Mohamed Ben Daya (Major: Environmental Science)

“The Salton Sea: A Case of a Dying Lake” by Salma A. Mansour (Major: Chemical Engineering)

“Zoos Should be Banned” by Abdulla Musallam Alqubaisi (Major: Finance)

“Non-Autonomous Cars Should be Phased out from the Market” by Fazel Banouei (Major: Mechanical Engineering)

“Homeschooling Does Not Have a Negative Impact on the Lives of Students” by Hind Alharmoodi (Major: Civil Engineering)

“Artificial Intelligence Taking over Human Jobs is a Step in the Right Direction” by Prem Rajendran (Major: Computer Science)

“Electroconvulsive Therapy is Beneficial” by Yara Hesham (Major: Computer Science)