Working Draft

A ‘Working Draft’ is often the third major assignment for many writing courses (see Chapters 10, 11, and 12). Here, we provide the materials that may help with such an assignment, as well as several outstanding examples from student writers.

Please note that all the student examples are likely to have several minor writing issues. For example, there may be some formatting issues in the references (whether in the Reference section itself or as in-text citations), there will be paragraph structure issues, there will be topic sentence and topic closer issues, and there will be some incomplete sections. Other writing issues that are common at this stage include grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and some sentence construction examples. As such, all of the example papers would receive plenty of comments from the instructor.

For these examples of Working Drafts, we have often left the instructor comments visible to give students an idea of the feedback they may receive. Despite the commentary, the examples here are outstanding for this stage of the writing process. As always, there will be areas for improvement, and there is plenty of time for those improvements to be made. The point for a Working Draft is that ideas are being written out – in full! The remainder of the course will focus on smoothing these ideas out into cohesive and coherent texts.

Examples of Outstanding Student Papers

“Multicultural Communities” by Salma AlamEldin

“Do People From Different Races and Ethnicities Face Racial
Discrimination in Employment in the US?” by Hela Landolsi

“Co-existence of Feminism and Arab Identity” by Safiya Padiyath

“Gas Turbines Are More Efficient Than Steam Turbines” by Megan Magdy Ghaly

“Should Species Reintroduction Be Considered to Solve Environmental Problems?” by Aisha Saeed Alshehhi

“Is Criminality Caused by Environmental or Biological Factors?” by Neimat Elkarib

“Homeschooling Does Not Negatively Influence Students’ Lives” by Hind Alharmoodi

“Virtual Reality’s Place in Industry” by Abdulaziz Aljarwan