Final Paper

The ‘Final Paper,’ as the name suggests, is the last major assignment for many writing courses. The Final Paper should feature many well-organized paragraphs (see Chapter 13), it should be cohesive (see Chapter 14), it will have a fully developed conclusion (see Chapter 15), and the introduction will have been modified (see Chapter 16). The Final Paper also tends to feature an abstract (see this website for more details on writing an abstract).

Examples of Outstanding Student Papers

What Was the Original Cause of the 2007-2009 Financial Crisis? by Tasneem Chehimi (Major: Economics)

Technology in Architecture by Shaikha Sultan Alghfeli (Major: Architecture)

Ability Grouping: The Downfall of Education by Amna Alsuwaidi (Major: Computer Engineering)

The Island of Ireland Should Be United as One Country by Zainab Alfardan (Major: Chemical Engineering)

“Hamilton: An American Musical” by Sonia Azher (Major: Finance)

“A Case for Using AI Technology in Figure Skating” by Janainah Anam (Major: International Studies)

“Fad Diets: Why They Do Not Work” by Fahad Alzara (Major: Computer Engineering)

“Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare” by Lamya Alsuwaidi (Major: Computer Engineering)

“The Risks of Satellite Constellations” by Raghed Hamza (Major: Industrial Engineering)

“Psychopathy: A Combination of Both Biological and Environmental Factors” by Rahaf Omar Amasaib (Major: Industrial Engineering)

“Redesigning Prisons” by Yara Soliman (Major: Architecture)

“The Legalization of the Organ Trade: A Savior or a Killer” by Zain Basil Mushtaha (Major: Management Information Systems)

“The Bauhaus and Its Relevance Today” by Zainab Gawhari (Major: Architecture)

“Can Listening to Music Significantly Improve our Cognition?” by Youssef Eldib (Major: Mechanical Engineering)

“Repatriation of Historical Artifacts” by Maya Haj Hussain (Major: Computer Engineering)

“Should Unhappy Couples Stay Together “For Their Children”?” by Maryam Al Khayatt (Major: Psychology)

“The Banning of Palm Oil” by Omar Mohamed Ben Daya (Major: Environmental Science)

“The Salton Sea: A Case of a Dying Lake” by Salma A. Mansour (Major: Chemical Engineering)

“Homeschooling Does Not Negatively Influence Students’ Lives” by Hind Khalid Alharmoodi (Major: Civil Engineering)

“Species Reintroduction Solves Environmental Problems” by Aisha Saeed Alshehhi (Major: Computer Science)

“Call of the Wild: Zoos Should Be Shut Down” by Abdulla Al-Qubaisi (Major: Finance)

“Electroconvulsive Therapy Is Beneficial” by Yara Awad (Major: Computer Science)

“Is Criminality Caused by Environmental or Biological Factors?” by Neimat Elkarib (Major: Psychology)

“End of Non-Autonomous Cars” by Fazel Banouei (Major: Mechanical Engineering)

“Nature Vs Nurture in Personality Formation” by Sara Abukmeil (Major: Psychology)

“Green Cities” by Mohammed Al Dawood (Major: Civil Engineering)

“Do People from Different Races and Ethnicities Face Racial
Discrimination in Employment in the US?” by Hela Landolsi

“Is Monetarist Policy a Sustainable Model for The United States?” by Mohamad Abeid (Major: Finance)

“Is Groundwater the Best Source for Drinking Water in the United Arab Emirates?” by Gayah Alzarooni (Major: Civil Engineering)

“Multicultural Communities” by Salma AlamEldin

“China Investing in Africa” by Rashid AlSuwaidi