Auto-peer served as the guide that helped me improve my writing skills. The best part about this software is that I can use it for other courses too. It has been very beneficial.

In the beginning, I was not enthusiastic about Auto-Peer. I thought that it would be another extra step I had to do for my assignments that would be a waste of time. However, once I actually started to use the software, I realized what I was missing out on. Auto-Peer helped me correct mistakes that would cost me a lot of marks. It is also a straightforward software that is user-friendly and provides reasoning for mistakes. I will definitely be using Auto Peer with all my other courses.

… Auto-Peer helped me to get another perspective on my writing, something which I lack when I myself am the only one reading the draft multiple times.

My first experience with Auto-Peer was in this semester and course, but I will surely use it for years to come.

At first when we were introduced to the Auto-peer program, I thought that it is useless … but after that I realized the importance of such an app … This app is really helpful for students and I will definitely be using it in other courses.

This application has made it much easier to peer review our work rather than trying to communicate to other student who I barely know. [T]his application is really helpful and I can see myself using it in the future other than for the writing course.

Auto-Peer has not only been useful in this course but also in my other courses …

At first, I thought it was a gimmick … As the semester progressed, I became more and more impressed with it. By the end of the working draft, I relied on it. It is very helpful when it comes to grammatical/structural/vocabulary issues that cannot be highlighted by the standard suite of software provided by word. I especially liked how easy it is to use and download. Additionally, the built-in explanations are probably the only reason why I kept using it over and over. I will definitely use Auto-Peer for my future assignments.

 After continuous use of Auto-Peer, I began to adjust my writing based on the explanations, and I noticed a decrease in the number of issues detected. Additionally, I like that Auto-Peer does not correct students’ papers. Instead, it allows students to assess their written texts. … Thus, Auto-Peer is an exceptional program that every student is recommended to use to assess their papers.

The program pointed out mistakes I have not come across in previous writing courses and ones that I would have otherwise missed. It also provided explanations and alternatives to fix these mistakes before handing in my paper for a final review from my course instructor which of course, saves both of our time.

To be honest, at first, Auto-Peer felt really complicated and too complex for me to use, but now I think it’s really helpful and I’m definitely going to use it in my future courses. Other than the fact that it takes up so much of my memory, I’m honestly happy with it because it’s worth it.

This was my first-time using Auto-peer and frankly it was very hard for me to understand the results it used to give me. However, I used it on other papers from previous semesters … which already had comments attached to it, and I submitted it on Auto-Peer, and it gave me results that would’ve been extremely beneficial when writing that paper.

[Auto-Peer] was very effective and essential as it provided us with unlimited reviews and assistance throughout the writing course.

AP is very helpful when writing a formal paper. In fact, I will be always using it to check my future papers.

Auto-Peer was a very easy and fast way to get my work checked, even after I double check and self-review my work, I always end up adjusting it further after pasting it into Auto-Peer. To be honest, I always thought computer-based peer checks cannot be as effective, but I was surprised to see that Auto-Peer is actually very smart. I would definitely use Auto-Peer in the future. … It is really very easy to use and quick, and I think it is worth the few seconds it takes to paste the work as it may give me attention to things I would have never thought of.

When we first learned about Auto-Peer I felt that it was useless. I thought that it won’t help as a feedback. After downloading the app and using I found it really useful as it pointed out small mistakes that I did not pay attention to. In addition, it can be used as much as possible and provides the feedback at the same time. I started to recommend the usage of Auto-Peer to check a research paper. I also recommend it to my mother when doing her PhD graduation research. We both found it useful and are planning to use it to check our writing regularly.