Writing the Research Paper

Where do I even start with this book! It was honestly the most helpful tool for me this semester, even with other courses! The wording of the book was so simple and easy to read, making it easier to grasp the information it presents. The language was also very student-friendly, and this made me want to read it. I also really liked that the chapters weren’t too long and boring, short, and straight to the point. The examples used were also simple and made much more sense than would websites and the internet’s suggestions. Again, thank you so much for this book, it’s very useful.

The book was by far the best course book I have read in my three years of university so far … While most course books are similar in how informative they are, this course book outshines the rest because it is concise and only delivers the most important information.

The course book of ENG 204 is the easiest book I have ever read in university. This book was very organized, easy, and straight to the point. It was really helpful for us in every assignment we did. This book helped me to write my research paper in an organized way. Every chapter in the book is focused on one section of the essay. It teaches students how to write academic abstract, conclusion, and introduction in the best way possible.

The course book is extremely helpful. It provides almost all the information you need to write an effective and efficient paper.

The course book is one of the aspects that I enjoyed the most in this course. Not only was it informative, but it was incredibly entertaining. I usually tend to take breaks with long readings, but this was one of the rare occasions where I was able to finish all my required readings in one go.

The book was one of the most useful books that I have read for an English course. First, it was clear and straight forward, it was not confusing to understand and it was easy to grasp. Second, it provided useful examples for our writing and helped me detect potential issues in my writing like the most important part is the cohesion chapter, which made my writing way clearer. Finally, the book was really good in terms of explaining writing concerns such as the writer’s introduction, which was very helpful in my opinion, and I used this approach in my other assignments as well.

The Course Book was the best assignment I had for this course. Indeed, this reading assignment is the best reading assignment I ever had. This is because the book was both entertaining and educational for university student level, which can be rarely found.

The course book is one of the main elements of this course that guides students to develop their professional writing skills. I find that the ideas in the course book are developed in an interesting way that engages with students instead of overwhelming them with information. For instance, in several chapters, the authors start with a short story or entertaining example that increases the audience’s interaction. In addition, I find that how the authors relate between these examples and the key points delivered is brilliant. Furthermore, the organization of the book is remarkable, easing the process of delivering the information. The exceptional organization allowed me to easily find my way to locate specific ideas when I return to the chapters for reference. Therefore, the course book guided me to develop a professional argumentative paper in a fascinating method rather than a tedious way. 

The course book was something I used a lot … I was continually referring back to the book chapters to guide me. The book is extremely important, and I cannot imagine taking this course without the help of the book. It made writing the assignments so much easier as the book thoroughly explained what was needed and expected to be done in each paragraph. More specifically, chapters 13 and 14 were about paragraphs and cohesion, and in my opinion, those were the most important chapters that would be useful for any piece of writing.

I believe the course book was very well written, it makes the reader feel like they are having a casual conversation while still being informative. The content of the book was able to answer any possible questions the reader may have. It provided well thought out examples of what to do and what not to do, which helped give a clearer image on how to move forward with my work. I was able to refer to it whenever I was working on my assignments and was confused about how to structure a particular section.

During this semester I found myself constantly going back and forth to the course book, because It was very concise in terms of materials and it would let me know exactly what I had to do step by step. I was also introduced to new concepts such as cohesion, it was one of the things I never recognized in previous papers. Overall, the course book is very concise with exactly the type of information you need to complete assignments and I never thought I would need a book

I found the course book an extremely helpful source in this writing course. It is a very easy to read and easy to understand book that did not feel like work at all. I found it very helpful that the book contained numerous examples to help further explain each point. The book really explains everything we need to know for writing the research paper, and now since we are almost done, I do not feel like I have already read a whole book (although I have). It did not feel boring like my other courses, and what really helped were the summaries of chapters and the primers that ensured were on track.

The course book seemed long at the beginning of the semester. But after the first few chapters I enjoyed reading it and it was really helpful. The course book provides explanations and examples that demonstrate the explanation for us students to understand and start applying what we learned to our drafts. I would’ve liked if some order of the chapter was a bit different for example doing, chapter 14 a bit earlier. But in general it is a really good book, which I enjoyed reading and learning from.

All the chapters from the course book are extremely helpful as they provide a framework on which I can build my essay. Each chapter has clear instructions about good and bad writing practices. They have easy examples that help me understand the difference between good and bad writing.

The course book really helped me understand the content we were studying in simpler terms. I liked the way that it was structured as well as the way each chapter was divided. It was easy for me to locate the content I needed to study for the quizzes — which I did well on because of the ease of which I understood the course content. The book aided me in understanding the concepts that were more difficult for me to grasp. Overall, it was really useful and practical.